jay franco
go to my links then click tags to see only text, only music, or only pics of ur desired color scheme. i love it i organized it. my favorite is tags link is neutrals go click that one. if u dont go to my links then tags and pick one, ur just gonna see a jumbled mess so ya have fun i am jay ok bye
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  • yay my appetite is back :)))

    in the past 2 weeks, i lost my appetite completely and just ate whenever or just cos or because i forced myself to. i used to be fine not eating literally the whole day and surviving off of tea and juice but now i cant and i need like 5 burgers im rlly happy now my mom will stop nagging me to eat COS I WILL EAT ALL HER FOOD TOO

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  • Yellowcard
    Only One
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  • Lorde
    Tennis Court (Diplo Remix)
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  • RuPaul
    Sissy That Walk
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  • anyone know any good blogs where they post half or fully naked girls but not like porn, like artsy photos with expressive body positions yknow what i mean?

  • Blood Orange
    Forget It
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